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Life is a Faithwalk...

The New Testament books of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John are written to believers in Christ through-out the Roman provence of Asia, today’s Turkey. In these three letters, John addresses issues that were critical then, and are still, to our faithwalk with God.
 He writes so we can know with confidence the difference between:

                    - living in condemnation or living in forgiveness and freedom       
                    - being decieved by false religions or knowing truth                
                    - having the assurance of salvation or living in fear and uncertainty about 
                                                            life after death

John clarifies in these 3 short and relevant letters, what it means to know the truth by God’s definition, and how knowing it translates into living it.

Faithwalk Community Bible Study invites you to join us this Fall for an 11 week study of these 3 letters as together we explore how to